Hovering over a flair

If you hover over a user’s flair, a text box pops up to display the “NAME” defined under GROUP settings.


  1. Display the group’s “FULL NAME” text in the pop-up, rather than the “NAME” text.
  2. Add a comment under the appropriate field in the GROUP settings, like:
    “This text will be displayed to users, to describe the flair”.


  • The NAME field is more limited in which characters and length can be used. Most notably, a space can’t be used. eg: I entered two words, with an underscore, not realising this geeky workaround would be displayed.
  • The FULL NAME will generally describe the flair better and may be better suited for the pop-up, especially if 2+ words are desirable.
  • Admins may not realise which text fields will be visible to forum members.