Moderators group: flair and name?


I see you have group flairs here.

I was wondering if I could have flair and a custom name to be displayed just like manually created groups for moderators?

If not I’ll just create a custom one and add everyone there.

It would just be easier and save me from creating a second group.


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Hey Bruno,
I’m not sure I understand the request. Can you elaborate please?

Hi @brunoedigital if you mean the automatic groups that are created then no you cannot edit the flairs etc on them. You would be best setting up a custom group.


What @mikechristopher replied below. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

I wanted to add flairs and a custom name to show just like a regular, manually created group.

I know you can’t now… but maybe is worth adding in the feature?

I find a nice feature to differentiate moderators and whatnot. I know I can add to a custom group, but since they are already inside a group, I don’t see why not.

Anyhow, I’ll create a custom one for now.



@mikechristopher @HAWK

What’s the rational behind the decision of not adding flairs to Automatic Groups?

In essense, we’ve set up groups that are completely mirroring the Automatic groups.

Either this is redundant or I am completely missing something in this logic.

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I’m not sure that there was an active decision not to add them to auto created groups. Why don’t you log a feature request?


I’m using to easily set a different flair and a custom name to Moderators for example.

It raises their status within the community, which they like :wink:

Doesn’t the moderation shield and user title do that?

The user shield does help indeed, but I believe most people at my site does not see/know what that is about. So I prefer to have it more explicitly shown with flair and custom name.

And by user title you mean if I click on your profile like this (where it says team in your profile)?