How about featuring or pinning users on homepage?

For this a theme component would be best. The idea is to feature or pin users at the homepage. These users can either be either genuinely featured for their good work or pinned for money. And it’ll also motivate other users to be more engaging to get featured the next time.

These are some images which I got from a website for reference.

On Desktop

On Mobile

I think, the height can be reduced a lot on mobile to match Instagram stories. That will show the users but it won’t disturb the rest of the content. How do you like the idea?

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Ok, so why is this a feature post? People either create theme components and plugins themselves or post in #marketplace asking others to build it for them. #feature posts are:

Discussion about existing Discourse features, how they can be improved or enhanced, and how proposed new features could work.


Probably OK as a feature topic, though this would be a radical departure from existing features, to be sure…


And where would you suggest to present new feature ideas? I have no issue in changing the category but I couldn’t find any better. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone thought about this? It would be a great addition to many communities and even a theme component would do the trick.