How are pageviews counted?

I am not sure if the number of pageviews are correct. The number of engaged users is actually quite less since I am not using the platform for a while.
250k pagesviews doesn’t make sense as number of users engaged daily are barely in single digits.


pageviews are the number of raw requests to load a page. the count can be significantly higher than the daily engaged users. anon page views are always higher and crawlers add to it of course. you should as a rule expect that you are getting more anon user visits than member views.


Anyone noticed a dip in pageviews since the recent beta6 update? I noticed in the release notes something about fixing multiple N+1 while loading threads, so maybe to do with that? We updated on July 15 and ever since the pageviews have been significantly down.

There was an update in one of the recent upgrades that reduced the false counting of page views i think, or at least that’s what i took from the comments, and is definitely reflected in the discourse stats.

Has anyone else had an increase in page views since moving to GA4 from Universal Analytics? My traffic has increased quite a lot, assume it is due to the number of people with Cookies blocked which would have effected the UA count quite a lot?