How are Polish diacritics entered these days? The sequence I found in Meta doesn't work

We have some users which use polish. They wonder how to enter diacritics.

I came across this post from 2017 which says:

Anyway changed it to CTRL+ALT+F for now so this is resolved

But my keyboard shortcuts page says that sequence is currently search, and search is does too!


Did diacritics get moved to a different shortcut?


Sorry is CTRL+ALT+F some sort of OS based way of entering diacritics ?

I am far from an expert and learning here… now that I look at that prior topic with fresh eyes it seems that Search got moved to control F, which makes sense. It had apparently been interfering with people entering the diacritics.

Evidently those writing in Polish use the right Alt key to make the diacritic versions of certain letters.

In our instance ALT + s does not make the ś, nor other letters. But as we see I can copy-paste it in!

Is there a way to enable or enter these kinds of letters? Google tells us this:

How do you type Polish A? Using Right-Alt to type a Polish character is simple. Press the right Alt and keep it down and then press a Polish character that is the “base”, then release both. For example to type ć, press Right-Alt & c, to type ś, press Right-Alt & s etc. For Ń, press Right-Alt & Shift & n.

I assume you are using Windows. Does Alt Gr + s work for you in Notepad? It doesn’t work for me as long as I am using an English keyboard layout.

keyboard - How do I type accented characters in windows? - Super User lists a couple of solutions, but personally switching to a Polish keyboard layout on Windows seems to be the best solution. I followed How to type Polish letters in Windows 10 on your English keyboard | Polish Lingo and could type ś by pressing Alt Gr + s. Even here in Discourse.


Excellent clues, thanks! I’m not inclined to install a Polish keyboard layout for my very occasional use, but you did give me a path to work this out.

Capturing it for others in the future:

Hold down the right hand Alt key (sometimes called the AltGr key) and using the keypad enter the four number character code.

For example:

AltGr 0233 = é
AltGr 0225 = á

You can find the code numbers at this page, or the table is reproduced below.

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This is definitely an OS-specific thing, not Discourse.

For unix-like OSes you can use the Compose key, e.g.:

Compose+e+ → é
Compose+n+~ → ñ
Compose+U+^ → Û

For Windows users an international layout with dead keys is probably the way to go.


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