How can hide the 'Latest', 'Top', 'Badges' and 'Categories' in the hamburger menu?

We want to keep the menu simple to our users. We would like to hide the ‘Latest’, ‘Top’, ‘Badges’ and ‘Categories’ in hamburger menu. Our web: (Amazon Discount Code)

How can hide the ‘Latest’, ‘Top’, ‘Badges’ and ‘Categories’ in the hamburger menu?

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You can do it with CSS (added under admin > customize > themes)

This should do it:

.hamburger-panel .menu-panel {
  li a.categories-link { 
    display: none

If you need more help with CSS, we have a guide here: How to make CSS changes on your site


Great. Kris. It worked for ‘latest’, ‘top’ and ‘badges’.

But the categories cannot be hidden.

We also want to hide the ‘Categories’ in the screenshot red highlight. Can you help, Kris?

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Ah I see, I just edited my post above to add an li to a.categories-link… that should work now.


Awesome. It worked. Thank you very much, Kris.

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