How can I add the advertising code of other advertising services?

How can I add the advertising code of advertising services other than the services that come with the plugin? I want to use the codes of an advertising service called Admatic. Also, the “House Ads” tab does not appear for me.

Do you have the ads plugin? I guess there could be some setting on the ads settings to enable it.

But that’s where to try to insert your ads.

How we I go about integrating our Ad Network Partner Raptive? We have the relevant ad manager code but is there a plugin that can handle this?

It doesn’t look like it. I see just Issues with Raptive Ads that mentions it.

It looks like you’d need to create your own theme compnent or plugin to support it.

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No… Raptive doesn’t integrate well. Once it is integrated… Discourse locks up and misses posts on a regular basis.

If you find a way to integrate Raptive well… please let me know.