and other ad networks

How can i run and other ad networks javascript codes?

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The advertising plugin also supports adsense directly, use those settings instead.



adsense ads implemented with ads plugin are not shown steady. i think there is a problem about this.

Also i want to implement ads between topics but i can not do this with ads plugin.

Also this plugin not suitable for implementation of other ads from other networks as

Is there any idea, please?

You can serve almost any ad network or content through Google Ad Manager, which the plugin does support under the DFP/Ad Manager settings.

However, be aware that Ad Manager has a pretty steep learning curve.

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thanks. you are right it is really hard to use.

+1 for It would be a great addition to the ad plugin, as it is more accessible for those who are not approved for AdSense and who do not have a developer community for Carbon Ads