How can I change my sites local translate to my own settings

First of all, as a beginner, I’m sorry that I’m not familiar with the use of Discourse. There may be something that doesn’t meet the posting specification.
Then I want to ask, if I want to change the string in my forum, how can I set it? For example, Summary, I want to set it to another name. How can I set it?
I try to find some topics about this but only find this topic about plugin ( Add translation to a plugin - Docs - Discourse Meta

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Customize all text in Discourse


Thank you so much!! It helps a lot!.BTW Is it possible to modify them in batches, such as using YML files to change them all?

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Yes. In the Multilingual Plugin. Which is going through some changes presently so hold on a week or so …


Thank U!!!Really need that!