How can I delete and start again?

I’ve moved to a new server and there was a miss-match in the Discourse versions (old install was saying it was up-to-date, new server install is a different version) and now I just want to delete everything and start from scratch (I have updated Discourse on the old server via git pull and taken a new backup).

I’ve tried removing the /var/discourse directory and installing again but all the data is still present.

How do I remove everything and start from scratch again?

This should delete the database and recreate the Docker container.

./launcher stop app
rm -r /var/discourse/shared/standalone
./launcher rebuild app

Thanks that worked :+1:

But wonder why rm- rf /var/discourse and starting all over again didn’t work - any ideas?

rm -r /var/discourse/shared/standalone
not rm- rf /var/discourse

Pay attention to the position of dash.


That was a typo here not on the server - it would report ‘command not found’.