Removing previous Discourse install and installing the fresh one

Hello members,
Please guide on removing previous Discourse install so that I can install the fresh one.

Something like

docker stop app
docker rm app
rm -rf /var/discourse

There are some more nuanced approaches, but that should work.

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After using the above command I am unable to start ./discourse-setup again :roll_eyes:
At the server console, it is showing root@example: .#.
Please have a look here & suggest any correction,

and is there any way, I can navigate to previous entries in the console?

You’ll need to clone discourse again.

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I am trying these commands to clone discourse
sudo -s giving error

Then git clone /var/discourse giving following error

I think something heavily messed up in the server. How can I do the fresh start without deleting the DigitalOcean droplet? Please assist, advance thanks!!

Why not just delete the droplet and start over? That sounds like what you want. You can also restore the droplet to a new image

I have that option but still for the sake of experience, I am trying to solve up the mess. One thing I have figured out in the root access, it is showing .# instead of ~#. What is its significance? Thanks for your assistance @pfaffman

After restarting the console, I am again in the /var/discourse# but unable to clone image there with
git clone /var/discourse. It is showing following error:

Kindly assist and thanks for the patience :slightly_smiling_face:

Just reinstall your VPS from digitalocean and start over with the 30 mins install guide.

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