How can I fix the mobile header?

Currently my header looks like this, I installed a component theme to place icons in the menu, but I want to place more icons


How would I put my forum logo, avatar and the hamburger menu higher up and leave the bottom part just for icons? like the picture below



I want to leave it fixed too, appearing even when we enter a topic, without the topic title appearing in the top bar

Is it possible to do it with CSS?


So, you’re asking two things:

  1. Separate a few icons from the rest of them
  2. Having a fixed header part that doesn’t display the current’s topic name

It’s quite specific since you’re also using a theme component.
Also, do you want this behavior only on smartphones or on Desktop as well?

I’d be happy to help, but a link to your forum would be more than useful for that. If your forum is publicly available, you can share the URL privately so I can have a look at it.

I don’t think I’ll be able to help without looking at the actual forum.