How to remove iconified header links from mobile?

Hi, I’m playing with CSS to make certain header icons on mobile to go away and I’m having trouble.

I’m sorry, I’m a CSS newbie, I appreciate the help. I still cant find a way

That is not our icon, you have some sort of plugin that is adding it.

To remove via CSS right click, look for the class name and add a line that hides it to your theme.


I tried working this out, but it’s not working. What am I doing wrong so I can learn and not annoy the community?
.i.fa.fa-hashtag.d-icon.d-icon-hashtag { display: none; }

Website is:

It looks like the link is added via the Iconified Header Links theme component. The component has a way for you to decide if an icon appears on desktops, mobiles or both. The icon you have is set to appear on both.

In the theme settings, you need to change

vdm or view desktop mobile to

vdo or view desktop only.

If you’re still not sure, have a look at the theme settings section of the theme’s topic.


Whoops didn’t even notice that, I got the component awhile ago. Thanks a lot!

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