How can I hide the 'Our Moderators' section?

Any CSS tips or tricks to hiding the ‘Our Moderators’ section on the /about page?

Leaving only the ‘Our Admins’ section visible?

Sure. This should do the trick.

section.about.moderators {
  display: none;

Works great, thanks very much @jomaxro :+1:t2:

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Display:none; will this have any impact on SEO as Google dont like any hidden elements.

I think you’ve misunderstood what was meant by that.

A long time ago Google didn’t check if an element was visible prior to indexing it, which encouraged webmasters to insert all kinds of extra junk in their page in the name of SEO.

Today Google doesn’t penalise sites for hiding elements, there are lots of legitimate reasons to do so, they just downrank the content which is concealed.

Hiding the content with a display:none might backfire on you. We are giving hidden content way less weight in ranking.
Gary ‘Methode’ Illyes - Google

So unless your moderators are mission-critical SEO, this is perfectly fine to do.

Hiding their ads on the other hand? They’ll come down on you pretty hard for that.


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