How can I hide this from all the pages?

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I want to hide this everywhere, if you are in “About”, it shouldn’t be displayed, if you are in “FAQ”, it shouldn’t be displayed, and so on. :slight_smile:

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Why would you want to hide about? I don’t understand. How will members know what you are about and who is staff etc…?


It doesn’t seem to be one specific class that includes all these pages, so you could do it this way:

.static-tos {
    .nav-pills {
     display: none;

For what reason do you want to hide this menu?


Because I have all of those in topics :slight_smile:


You can certainly hide things with CSS, but you should think twice, for the sake of your users.

A “tabbed menu” design is a very common user experience pattern in web design and one that people have learned to intuitively understand. If you start disappearing tabs when the user is on the page, those users may become confused or disoriented.


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