How can I make a Discourse forum as "reddit like" as possible

So obviously treaded messages won’t happen, but that is completely fine.
However, I’m looking for tips, how to make a Discourse forum as “Reddit like” as possible, with “Reddit Classic” look in mind.

For example, I want to have a sidebar like reddit does, I figure this one might be the best bet: Discourse Category Sidebars

Does anyone have any tips for other potential plugins?

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Hey @DiscourseUser,

For sidebars take a look at the Custom Layouts Plugin which creates a framework for adding widgets to sidebars. Then you can any of the available widgets into either the left and/or the right sidebars to make it look more reddit-like.

For the topic list, check out either Topic List Thumbnails or Topic List Previews

For the ability to add upvotes in a question/answer style format see: Question Answer Plugin or Discourse Feature Voting


Amazing, cheers! :)!


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