Hiding/Removing sub-categories from 'hamburger' drop-down?

(Joseph Lormand) #1

I’m having some trouble keeping everything clean and organized on our Discourse forum. In the categories page from the top banner where they are all listed vertical with descriptions, the sub-categories are grouped nicely and are intuitive.

However, in the drop-down from the hamburger (≡) button in the top right, having sub-categories quickly becomes a disaster. It’s simply going to overwhelm my new users and bury the most basic categories in the midst of the more specific ones. This leaves two options as far as I can tell: completely do away with organizing content in advanced categories, or disregard the problem and continue forward. The third option should be to remove sub-category display entirely from the hamburger drop-down, just a simple boolean check-box in the admin controls for this purpose would be extremely useful.

Thanks for reading.

(Kane York) #2

There is a site setting planned that will serve the function of “I Have Too Many ^&$@#* Categories” to adjust the layout in several places.

(Joseph Lormand) #3

That’s very good news, because it’s nice how subcategories work in the categories page and when entering a category (once selected to show sub-categories at top instead of posts), so I can see myself expanding even more than I have already, and I’m sure others will have many sub-categories as well. The drop-down is the only problem I’ve seen that could deter new users from participating.

Thanks for the quick reply, you guys are doing amazing work.

(Kane York) #4

I would also recommend that you look at what categories people actually use after some time, and consider removing or consolidating the unused ones.

Or maybe you realize that what you thought was just one category would do better as two - don’t be afraid to reorganize.

(Joseph Lormand) #5

I agree, I’ll keep a close eye on it once the gates are open :slight_smile:

Current setup is: [General],[Guides],[Support],[Wiki], and some defaults. I thought taking advantage of the wiki posts system might be kind of nifty, and I’m going to have a large pool of information about our game there. So I made sub-categories for the wiki and have them shown at the top when entering the wiki category, but since there’s only a few categories at the moment, it makes the drop-down have a large percentage of the shown categories be sub-wiki links and looks cluttered. Should be fine for the regulars, but I’m also concerned with a new members experience. I get the feeling a lot of people use that drop-down for navigating.

(DenisD) #6

dear Kane please advise if its implemented. We see just categories in meta, although we ca not find it in admin settings how to hide subcats in hamburger.


(cpradio) #7

You can use CSS.

.menu-panel a.bullet[href*=rfc] { display: none; }