How can I see all current settings for Discourse?

I can use the following to print settings that were set via the env section of my app.yml: docker exec app env | grep DISCOURSE

How can I print all the settings that are currently being used in my running instance? It doesn’t look like there’s a command for this in the launcher script.


The environment variables will be access by the Rails app, you can override any environment variable declared in this file, in my guess.

And perhaps you may also want to explore this:

I think in rails


What do you mean? Do you really mean all of the settings? There are hundreds of them as you can see at /admin/settings. Do you mean the settings overridden with ENV variables? What you have should do that, I think.

But you can do something like this to get the settings set in the database:

docker exec -it app bash -c 'echo "SiteSetting.pluck(:name, :value)" |rails  c'

To my surprise (though it made sense after thinking about it), this is just the ones that have been changed.