How can I see in the topics list topics where I have participated?

Before of all sorry if this issue is duplicated, I searched before post my doubt without success.

In our forum we need somehow to display in the topics list when an user has participated the topic. Like the blue bullet for new topics:

But for “you has participated in this topic”.

Is there any way? We are using the last version with Docker.


Have you looked at: (the activity pane of your profile)?

Yes, this is great, but my users are talking (to me) something like vBulletin works, using an icon to “flag” topics who you have participated in the topic list.

This is a simulation of I mean:

Imagines who the orange bullet indicates who you has participated in this topic.

Thank you.

I think you need to better define what you mean by “participate” eg.
read the topic, posted in the topic, liked / invited / Flagged a post in the topic etc.

As it is now, “new” will be for topics in categories you are Watching but have not yet visited. “unread” will be for topics you have read that have since gotten replies you have not yet read.


Yup, this exists as a builtin topic list filter:


You are right, I’ll to enable this filter at the top nav. Thank you and thanks everyone for your support.

Does anybody know, why I see My Posts button only after applying filter + ?
Is there any way to enable it always on in the top panel?


Also I see only part of topics where I participated (~20) as well as topics that I only assigned them to staff but never posted there.

It’s normal, for example if you filter for bookmarks ( you have

You can add a new button+url installing Navigation - Add custom menu items or adding a script in admin/customize/theme Adding Unsolved button to top menu using custom HTML (you need to change the url inside the script of course)

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Forum administrators can simply add “posted” to the “top menu” site setting


Thanks @Trash, @david! You have pointed me to the best solution: how to customize buttons and make them visible to staff only.