Combined Watching/Tracking list

Hi there, I’m getting requests from quite a few users for a list of all Tracked or Watched topics together. Since they are heavy users they have lots of Tracked topics and some Watched topics too, and they’re having a hard time keeping track of the topics they were participating in if those topics don’t have new posts in the Unread list.

There were related requests here:

I have added sidebar links to /latest?state=watching and /latest?state=tracking because the links to those filters in the user preferences are extremely obscure and hard to find. But it would make more sense to have them all together in a single list.

There is a builtin function that does this, but with the catch that if a topic has posts the user hasn’t read even when not tracking/watching it will also show those.

The URL is /unseen and basically is just a filtered version of Latest that doesn’t show topics that are muted or that the user has read all of the posts in it.

Try this version here on Meta