How can I see Survey Results or Responses

Hi Team,
I have added a plugin for creating a survey GitHub - discourse/discourse-surveys from here.

Can someone help me how to see the response or results of this survey. This is was already discussed here Surveys Plugin documentation? - #6 by Nick_Chomey Is this feature added ?

Thanks in advance!

The survey plugin does not have any backend UX at the moment to see the survey results. For that, we rely on Data Explorer queries. Example:

-- [params]
-- text :survey_name = survey

SELECT,, s.post_id, sf.question, COALESCE(sr.value, sfo.html) AS value, sr.user_id, sr.created_at as responded_at
FROM surveys s
JOIN survey_fields sf ON sf.survey_id =
JOIN survey_responses sr ON sr.survey_field_id =
LEFT JOIN survey_field_options sfo ON = sr.survey_field_option_id
WHERE = :survey_name