How can I see the posts of a deactivated user?

I’ve deactivated a user because one of their posts had a questionable link, and since I had migrated the forum anyway, they should use Forget password to recover their account.

Now after finding another post of that user that is also questionable, I’ve concluded that the user was a paid spammer, and would like to delete their posts. Problem is, I can’t do quite do that:

Can’t delete all posts. Some posts are older than 60 days old.

  • There’s no “Show Public Profile” button.

Suggestion: hyperlink the number of posts to a search for posts by that user, or have a “Show all posts” button. The search does work, even with the user disabled.

Workaround: temporarily activate the user to get Show Public Profile back, or search by user; both relatively counter-intuitive or cumbersome.