How to find deleted posts

Is there a way to see a list of deleted posts? (ie, when users their own posts?)

Sometimes I can see these within the thread (with the message ‘post deleted by the author’) but other times, people have got in touch to say that they have accidentally deleted a post, but I can’t find it anywhere.

I’ve set the ‘delete removed posts after’ setting to two weeks, so they shouldn’t be fully deleting off the system yet.


You can view a user’s deleted posts on their profile at /u/username/deleted-posts

So for example if you were an admin here you could see my deleted posts at


Thank you very much. Nothing shows up on that link for the users in question, so I suppose the posts have been fully deleted somehow, although I am not sure how at the moment.

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Can we see the content of deleted post as an admin? currently its being overridden by following message


Click the pencil icon at upper right of the post to see edit history.

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Thanks, we can see the edit history of deleted topics but its not same with deleted replies, is there any way to see them?

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I think its same with topics and replies/posts.