How can I skip the hostname step and do it manually?

I keep getting errors for my .party domain, could I skip it then enter it manually, please help as I’m banging my head for hours now.

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And another question, any way to connect it to an IP address for some time before making the website public?

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:bell: Discourse will not work from an IP address, you must own a domain name such as to proceed.



I do own a domain name but it keeps giving me an error 403.

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if you setup the A Record correctly on your domain, you should not have any issues.


@canapin previously shared these posts:

Make sure you’ve followed his advice to.the.letter.

403 Forbidden suggests you have not set up permissions on the server correctly.

You wouldn’t get that unless you weren’t at least connecting to the server, so I don’t think the A record is the issue.

If you have questions about Canapin’s guide, I suggest you post on that Topic, not here, as that may be helpful to others how may have this kind of issue in the future.


I happened to me a couple times a few months ago, it was probably because the dns propagation was a bit slow but I was stuck for a few hours. Since I’m a bit experienced with discourse, I used the old school install and it worked with my domain after bootstrap. I still used this install method sometimes when I want to install a forum with plugins in one run.

If you’re comfortable using nano and if you know enough the app.yml file you can try it, otherwise, I would not recommend. It’s better to wait and use discourse-setup when it passes the domain verification.