"Couldn't find IP Address for (my discourse forum link)"

Hello! I’ve been having an issue, a friend of mine is trying to enter to my discourse forum, but when she tries to enter it says "This site can’t be reached, couldn’t find IP Address for (my discourse forum). I already checked in the IP Bans and her IP is not banned, other people can enter correctly but she can’t, could someone help me please?

That’s a bit like asking where your car keys are.

But discourse requires that you have a domain name. How did you install discourse?

It could be a dns issue. Can you share the domain name?


I installed it with DigitalOcean Discourse Marketplace App (or DigitalOcean Discourse One-Click), the domain name is discourse.zaigames.com

The domain name doesn’t restive (edit: resolve) . She’ll need to go to whether) wherever the domain was registered and assign the droplet ip to the name. If you follow the Discourse official Standard Installation you find our about this issue sooner in the installation process.

Alright, what did you exactly mean about it? Because that issue didn’t appear to me and I did the installation correctly

The problem appears to be that the domain has not propagated very far:

Your whois record points to cloudflare. My guess is that you configured DNS at namecheap, which openDNS points to for some reason.

You need to update the record at cloudflare (use the GRAY cloud not orange cloud) or update your whois record to point to namecheap.

Thanks for the help! It luckily worked

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