How can I tell if a like on a post is mine, or not

This new like [1] system is kind of driving me mad. I can see that a post has likes, but it’s not clear if my like is one of them or not. So, I click to like it, and now I’ve removed my like or just caused temporary ugly state if it’s past the time when my like can get removed.

I’m SURE there’s a topic on this, but somehow I missed it a while back, and now it’s just hard to see not only who liked a post, but if it were me or not.

[1] Citation required

You don’t see a change of hue to the heart after clicking it to register a like?

I click it, it does an animation then shows the heart with color that contrasts against the other buttons.


You may need to adjust your monitor’s color/contrast settings.

If the heart is white, you didn’t. If the heart is pink, you did.