How can I transfer forum ownership?

I have searched extensively but cannot find an answer. I created a discourse instance and I want to leave and at the same time transfer the server to someone else. What is the best way to do this?

You don’t state if it’s a self-install, but if it is:

  1. Save a back-up of the forum including uploads and share this on Dropbox or equivalent with your counterparty.

  2. Transfer the ownership of the domain using the process recommended by your registrar.

I recommend you stop your server and ask the new owner to create a new server.

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Sorry what I meant to say is that I want to keep the server but I want to let someone else have the role of owner (top admin). Everything else stays the same though, but I want to delete my account (which is not showing as an option).

You give admin rights to new one, and that new big boss moves you back to normal mortals, and so on.

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He won’t be able to delete your account if you have posts, so the new admin will need to anonymize your account or delete your posts.

Also the new owner will want to remove your email address from the developer email environment variable and add their own.

Did you also transfer ownership of the account for your virtual host provider? It probably is a good idea for the new owner to move to a clean new server.