How can I publish comments on wiki articles to Discourse

I’ve set up the plugin to publish blog posts from my site, and no problems. And it was willing to publish whole pages to Discourse, if I select pages in the post-type box. What about articles from a wiki that I have installed in my site? I don’t see articles as a post-type I can choose. Thanks!

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Are you using a WordPress plugin to create the wiki posts? If so, what is the name of the plugin.

What post types do you see listed in the WP Discourse “Post Types to Publish” setting?

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I’m using HelpieKB to create the wiki posts/articles. In the post-type box, I see posts, pages, pauple-helpie, helpie-faq, elementor-template, builder-template. Comments do appear on the article single pages. I’ve checked the two helpie post-types but if that’s doing something, I don’t see it.

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That was what I was going to suggest you try. The Helpie plugin is a paid plugin, so I can see how they have setup their custom post type to know if it’s compatible with WP Discourse. It might be worth trying to enable all post types in the setting to see if that allows you to publish wiki posts to Discourse.

Are you using the WordPress Block editor to publish the posts, or are you using the Classic editor?

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I’ve tried enabling them all, but apparently none of them are the article page. Helpie has it’s own front-end editor. I tried posting an article from the back-end with the WP editor, and that page does invite me to join the convo at Discourse. But that page apparently is not part of the wiki (???) itself, because it doesn’t show up in any search. Both articles are using the pauple-helpie post type: that shows up in the address bar. Maybe I can ask the guys at Helpie …

Somehow, it now works! Maybe posting from the back-end, wherever that ended up, make some kind of connection. This is all pretty new to me by everything.


I’m glad it’s working. I wouldn’t expect it to be possible to publish the post to Discourse when using the Helpie editor. Using the default WordPress editor to publish these posts may be your only solution.

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It does publish the posts from the Helpie Editor, but you get not only the content, but also part of what I guess is the shortcode and some other stuff:

Helpdesk Plague First plague post (ha ha ha)
Are you sure you want to Delete ?
New Article

Then the content of the post itself, and then various other things at the bottom below the post itself. It’s just the same when the article is sent from the WP editor. So pretty much functional … if not very pretty. I will send a report to the Helpie people and see if they might be able to make this work a little better.

The integration between the WP Discourse plugin and either of the two WordPress editors (the Classic and Block editors) is fairly complex. I’m not sure that this can be made to easily work with the Helpie editor. If you are not publishing many of this type of post, your best approach might be to manually edit the posts on Discourse after you have published them. Another approach that might work for you would be to publish post excerpts instead of the full post content from WordPress to Discourse. You can do this by disabling the WP Discourse “Use Full Post Content” setting.

I will try both of these out! Thanks very much.

[Editing it is a good test of my novice abilities to read HTML, and find the parts that I want to keep, since what you get is a big block of code.]

Silly question, but as Discourse also offers wiki-like functionality, do you need a separate third-party wiki on your WordPress site?

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That’s a great question. When I started just recently with Discourse I had only thought of it in the context of ‘discussion forum’ but I can see now that it also serves this wiki function. Probably with much less pain than I’m experiencing in the attempt to implement a third party wiki within a website!

I an figuring this out as I go along, doing everything for the first time. It’s for a college course. Dissatisfied with LMS’s and Google and Zoom.

Thanks very much for this insight! I will do some more experimenting.


If you’re looking to break away from zoom look at the excellent BigBlueButton and Jitsi plugin/theme component by @pmusaraj, which integrate video calling/classrooms directly into Discourse.


I will give it a look. One thing at a time!

Be sure to keep us posted on your progress. We’ve implemented the BBB plugin on a Discourse/Moodle hybrid and have used it to retrain thousands of unemployed union workers since March. It’s a very powerful combination!

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I installed the jitsi plugin/theme and it works at least for me: have to find someone to talk to … Do you know how to change the language from German? I’d like to try BBB, but it looks like I need my own server for that …

Yes, we have a dedicated VPS for BBB. It doesn’t need to be huge.

We typically run three simultaneous classes of 25, voice and video. Three daily sessions means that up to 225/day receive training, it’s pretty awesome!