How can I use different setting value for subdomain?

Hello, every one! Merry Christmas!
I have a discourse based forum and It has a several subdomains like these:
Main Forum:
SubDomain:,, …
All using same user and same topics and posts.
However, I will set the different theme setting value for each domain.
So I will modify the site_setting table to save domain info with the setting values, and also modify the forum to check the domain and get different setting value from the database.
Is this possible? To implement the feature, How can I do?
Can I use one instance for main domain and subdomains all with one database?
Please help me to solve these issues.
Thank you.

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I don’t know, but I’m really curious: why would you want to serve same content on several different domains?


No. You can’t. Serving the same data on multiple domains is a big SEO no-no.

You could have multiple Disourse servers, perhaps with Multisite configuration with Docker. They could have different content, but share one site’s authentication.