Admin Trouble Creating a Category

I recently created a discourse forum and am an admin on that forum.

The only option I see is to add “topics.” I’ve watched several videos and read help posts in this community which point out a little menu icon next to “+ New Topic” but I am not finding that on my site.

Am I blind?

Based on your screenshot, it doesn’t look like the account you’re using is an admin account. Just to be sure, please visit

and check if your account is listed under “Our Admins”

If your account is listed as an admin on that page. Try

to enter safe-mode so that you can rule out any issues caused by any themes / plugins.

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You were right. I am just a moderator. So moderators can’t add categories?

By default, no. Moderators can only create new categories if the


setting has been enabled on your site by an admin.


Thank you for your help! This was driving me insane.

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