Where can I see which TL3 requirements are met?

I have seen screenshots with a list of trust level requirements and whether a particular user has met them here

and here:

and also elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find this list on my discourse instances (or on any other discourse forum, for that matter). Could someone point me in the right direction?

then click on the user to open his/her admin user information and almost in the middle of that page there is the trust level and the right button there does then show you the requirements of this user for this trust level.


You merely need to be on the admin page for the user, you do not need to follow that exact path to get there.


Any particular reasons against making this list accessible to the individual user (more specifically: for TL2 users)?

(As you know, there are numerous related topics. Sorry, don’t have the time right now to find them.)

I think its a bad Idea. Then users might try to spam forum or increase their participation unnaturally, just to get to tl3 level.

For example faking the required read post is really easy.


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