How can we prevent monopolisation of main listing

We have 2 channels (categories) that serve our core purpose. Circled in green. The others are utilities channels. One of those is dedicated to content curated by leaders. We currently have a leader that started a collective work project spanning multiple topics in his dedicated channel that is important for the community but the high activity means that the main listing is dominated by these threads.

I set the limit to 1 to be featured in the parent thread but it doesn’t affect the number shown on the main listing.

How can I set this up so that people see some stuff from that channel but that most of the main listing remains focused on the other channels?


How about that person prepares those Topics in a locked Category to which only he and other leaders have access. They will then not appear in Latest for everyone until they are ready to be published, at which point they can be moved to a more public category and seen by the general readership?

Also, consider muting some Categories from Latest completely, as explained here: "Suppressed from latest" category vs. "muted" category. What is the difference? - #2 by tshenry

Not everyone visits everyday and the objective is that the whole community contributes to the discussions so locking them up would defeat that purpose. I just would like to limit the number of latest from that subchannel (subcategory)

You could look at tagging those Topics you don’t want appearing, using Tags, as explained in link above.

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Yes that is what I was looking into just now. Thank you for the link!


Ok that solved the problem of the main listing but now they don’t show in the subchannel page latest :unamused:
@merefield If people answer to it do they automatically watch it? Do they receive notifications?

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