Remove topics of muted categories from “Latest” list

The “Latest” list on the forum’s home page is (at times) really useful, though having topics from a category I have muted yet still show up in the Latest posts list is a bit annoying as it washes away posts I may actually be interested in from the Categories I DON’T have muted…

I believe this could also lead to more user engagement on the forum as someone can quickly pop in the forum and check out the Latest posts, and they’d have a much higher chance they’ll see something they could be interested in.

As an example, this is a section on the homepage of the community I am in:

I have not visited any of these topics in order for them to be marked as such, as well as their parent sub-category is marked as “Muted” yet they still appear on my latest list

Sorry if this isn’t the place to post this, I wasn’t really certain so I just posted in the place I thought it may fit in the best… ?

I beleve this should fit in the #feature category or the #bug category.

It’s an interesting feature even for my community

You’d need to mute each of the subcatgories as well – there’s no inheritance in Discourse.

While this is for categories mine is basically very similar so I saw no reason to make a new topic.
On our discourse forum there is an introduction megathread for new members. I have it muted because it always clutters the topics shown on the home page of our forum


There is also a second megathread where people can enroll in an opt-in beta program. Have it muted as well because it’s just the same replies. But since new members reply to it the topic always shows at the top