How can we repair a tag count which is appearing without a name?

Hello… We noticed what appears to be an anomaly on our tags page. A tag count “x4” without a name attached to it. See image attached.

I also noticed that “x4” appears without being logged in, when I am logged in as a regular user and is NOT there when I am logged in as an Admin.

What is causing this and how can we repair that?
Thanks in advance for your guidance.

here is another screen capture which might offer a clue as it appears that the layout is buggy :person_shrugging:

and sorted by name

interesting, could you supply the html source view? Perhaps there’s an illegal character in the name?

Checking the browser console for, it looks like it’s the ‘featured’ tag, and it has this rule:

body:not(.staff) .tag-drop li[data-name="featured"], body:not(.staff) [data-tag-name="featured"] {
  display: none;

Do you have a stray theme component?


Could it be the Homepage Feature Component - theme - Discourse Meta hiding the tag?

This is one of the settings:

Just disable this setting?