Accurate topic count in tag list

In the tags page, the topic number is not accurate. Indeed, it includes topics that are not visible to the user.

Example here on meta:

I’ve been hit by this issue when using the API. In my plugin, I need an exact topic count, so I’m forced to load each tag in order to count the visible topics. It seems to work right now, but it’s a waste of bandwidth and I’m afraid one day I will hit a Discourse rate limit for API calls.

Any chance this might be solved?



Those are all in PMs you don’t have access to.

It’s not a fix or anything (obviously) but at 4 instances only in PMs I don’t think we need this particular tag … so I’m removing it.

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If need be, another example on meta is the sass tag (topic count in tag list=2, topic count in tag page=1).

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I’ve noticed this in our forum also. The easiest way to recreate it is if i create a new topic and tag then delete it, it is still counted.

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