Homepage Feature Component

This is a theme component that features up to 3 topics with images on your community’s homepage

:eyeglasses: Preview it on theme creator

:hammer_and_wrench: Git repo: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-homepage-feature-component

:thinking: How do I install a Theme or Theme Component?

By default the theme will feature the 3 most recent topics tagged featured and will pull in the first image from the topic. In the settings you can choose a custom tag, hide the tag, set a custom title, and configure where the component appears.

:iphone: On mobile it will only show one topic.


:blush: nexpectedly, I am looking for this. Thank you, can I Fork your project on Git?
I have changed some to fit my site, thanks the author.

My demo


guys this is epic! Huge thx. It would be amazing addition to core

“Featured Topics” in the mobile version shouldn’t be plural.


This is lovely. Although I already use the Featured Topic Component, but this is not a bad idea too.

A suggestion, though: How about you make this component work with links too and not just tag? Maybe then can we link the contents to be sourced from maybe categories and/or top (to stand for trending) IMHO. With this, one can have the Trending topics feature on the homepage; like Reddit has. What do you think about this @awesomerobot?

This is possible, I tried using new posts instead of tags. Or /top/weekly.json


Thank you!
Now looks perfect.


Sorry, can you explain how to do that? Didn’t get the featured json field in the theme component after installation.

It looks like @Bcat modified the component to add that field, seems like a decent option to add to this by default.


I added it to fit, fearing that you don’t like anyone changing components.
It is possible to duplicate this utility and / or add insert locations that will be more versatile. At that time, you can insert at the best article homepage and the latest article list …
@habeycole You can see it here, but it’s better for you to wait for the post owner, I’m not very good at coding


No problem. I’ll definitely wait for that. Thank you :+1:

Great component, thank you! A little feature request: It would be great, if you could adjust the number of topics on desktop/mobile and also show the author of the post beneath the image…


I thing is add slide for ship topic because in mobile we can see one topic only.

To button for ship topic.

I really like this but I am not getting images, just the thread title

Maybe your topics don’t have a image?

Amazing component.It gives a nice look to homepage. Would it be possible to showcase also 3 topics on mobile? Maybe with a slider? And also,would it be possible to showcase also featured topics by category?

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Very nice component :+1:.

I second the suggestion of having the author somewhere. Would also be nice to:

  • have the link on the image to always go to the most recent post (like the one in the title)
  • able to choose an alternative layout like the variant in one of the posts above, the latest created topic on the left with smaller ones on the right
  • able to hide the component title when an empty title is chosen
  • having an horizontal scrolling on mobile (either by small icons below or side arrows) to be able to have the three or four topics available

I found a bug with how this component interacts with user cards.

For some reason, the user cards don’t seem to be aware that the component is adding page height.

Here is a screenshot from the theme previewer, when I click on a user profile the card comes up. As you can see the user card seems to be unaware of the featured topics:

I’ve taken several stabs at fixing this but I’m not sure why the height of the component isn’t being taken into account when calculating user card positioning.



I’ve just made an update that fixes it.

The way I had it previously was interfering with some margin collapse… which threw off our top positioning calculation for user-cards… it’s briefly covered here: Mastering margin collapsing - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN, this was related to “No content separating parent and descendants.”


Awesome theme add-on!

Would it be possible to randomize the rotation? I’ve set it to display 2, and it show the two threads that have the most recent activity.