How customisable is the About page?

Has anyone customised their About page?

I have a client that wants to add a lot of additional information into the top of their about page (essentially into the Site Description area at the top of their equivalent of this page)

How much flexibility is there? I can’t seem to find that section to edit in /admin/customize/site_texts


What kind of information? Static or dynamic?


They want to move the rules and guidelines there so that FAQ can be used for actual FAQs.

There’s not much you can right now apart from overwriting the template in a customization.

This wont add text to the About page, but you could

  • change the FAQs page to be actual FAQs
  • change Terms of Service label on About header to Terms.
  • Move Terms of Service text to new unlisted topic with title of Terms of Service.
  • update Terms page to list and link to all the different rules, guidelines, privacy policies, terms of service, and other policies all in one place.

You would have to chase down all the broken links and customize text.

I like having one Terms page to list everything.


That ought to do the trick! Great work-around. Thanks Steve.

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