How do I activate all inactive members at the click of a button?

currently the mail server is not running so new members do not receive activation wizard …
How do I activate them all with one click of a button or with a command line and how to remove activation of electronic mail?

Why isn’t the mail server running? How many new users do you need to activate?


its hard to sai bc i can see the number of inactive users but alot …

so i think its about 5k ore 10k activation emails …

I suggest you fix your mail server.

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i do this later but im asking how tu active all users …

Activation is required because you don’t have the right to email users with unverified email addresses.

You need to fix your email.

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? im tocking about not aproved users

You can manually activate users by visiting their admin page and pressing the “activate” button.

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i cnow that but its a long and borring time to active a 10k users

How do you have 10k new users signing up in a few days? Are you Taylor Swift?

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You can search here for something like “rails update users” and get some examples. Something like

 User.all.update_all(active: true) 

You should not do that without a bit more research and taking a backup. It might kill your dog.


i changed forum from ipboard to discourse the forum got in ipboard more then 25k users so thei reregistered to discourse

481k jobs in the queue is not healthy :scream:

You need to ensure sidekiq is properly running, otherwise your Discourse won’t function properly.