[Paid] Plugin - Manually Activate Invited Users

What would you like done?

I don’t know code. I’d like it as a plug-in. Needs to be the current invites as well as future ones. Can run the activation manually. Individually or all.

When do you need it done?

A month or so.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Not sure. Have some budget. It’s a non-profit. Interested in offers/bids.

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You can manually activate a single user from /admin/users.

Do these users exist somewhere? Can you use sso?


Our forum is by invitation only. Here’s how our Admin Dashboard is set for invites and activation. Note that the 1st four boxes are checked (especially the fourth (or invites won’t work). As @Jay states, you can manually activate a user from /admin/users. Once a person clicks on the invitation link, you’ll see an “Activate” button on the last column to right of their name/email. They should then receive an email stating their account has been activated.

No SSO. I have 400+ to do. May have batches of 100+ in the future.

What would be ideal is to go into my Pending invites and activate them individually or “Activate All” at once.

Are the steps documented somewhere to activate them manually? I seem to remember looking into this before and not being able to figure it out.

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I’m able to send them invites and they’re able to set themselves up, if they read it and click on it. A lot of people don’t. We already have permission to add them to our list, so I just want to activate them so that at least they’ll get announcements and digest emails.

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It’s starting to look like more a #support thread, but since I’m wondering… Isn’t that possible to bulk activate pending users with the rails console?


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$200 yes. $500 maybe. I’d have to ask.

@pfaffman can we get it done for $200? If so, we can move forward now.

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@pfaffman Jay?

Bumpity bump. Don’t want this to close again.

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Sorry not to have responded sooner.

For $200, I can show you how to activate users from the Rails console.

For $750 I can create a plugin that will create a job that’ll run once a century that, if you’re self-hosted or otherwise have access to /sidekiq, you can run by kicking the task off there. This assumes that you’ll want to activate all unactivated users, or perhaps all of those created in a hard-coded timeframe like the last week.


OK, thanks. I’ll ask. Not sure $750 is in the cards.

Anyone else want to split it?

With the 1st option, how long would it take to activate 100 users? Is it a command to activate all or one at a time?

We are on Digital Ocean, so I do have access to Sidekiq. Although I don’t really know how to use it.

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Email jay@literatecomputing.com and we’ll work something out.

Activating 100 users should be nearly immediate. It’ll be a single command, probably one that you can run by hitting the up arrow a few times to repeat running it again.

With either option I’ll see that you know how to make it work.


Still waiting in the org to decide. Responding to keep the thread open.


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