How do I activate plugins? [Vagrant local dev installation]

LazyTY and Poll come already installed. After I vagrant ssh’d and cloned a plugin into /vagrant/plugins, I can’t seem to get the plugin to activate.

LazyYT doesn’t need to be “activated” and poll is already “activated” (cf. the “Y” in the Enabled? column).

Im sorry, i meant to say LazyYT and Poll come already activated. I wanted to activate the other 2 which are grey’d out.

Those are old plugins that might not support the new API to enable/disable a plugin. If they’re not broken, they should already be working :wink:

Also the fact that some are blue and some are just black/gray text simply indicates if a URL was given in the plugin.rb file for that given plugin. It doesn’t mean enabled/disabled.


That must be it. i wasn’t aware of those facts. After using the search feature under settings, I did find their settings but it seems they are not supported by the current version as you mentioned. Thanks anyway :sweat_smile:

This is not the first time I’ve seen this confuse people. We might want to have it so that if a plugin doesn’t support the API is displays active (with no toggle). It’s less confusing.

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This commit should hopefully make it clearer :racehorse: