How do I add a featured link to a topic title?

I have one topic in our discourse with a direct link to a thread on our Discord with the same topic - see attached picture.

How do I do that to other topics? we have no idea who did it (I’m the only admin)

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When you are first creating the topic, if you paste a URL into the blank title box it will create this topic link


Be aware that once you have pasted the link in the title input, the link can’t be edited or added later, unless you do it via the rails console. This is how I added a link on the automatically generated “about” topic here, for example:


Hello and welcome @Dan_Carfas :slight_smile:

Just as a smidge of extra info, that’s known as the ‘featured link’ and can be toggled on/off sitewide via the topic featured link enabled admin setting.

It is also possible to set it after the fact with a little edit dance, which can be useful for those without server access or who aren’t comfortable using the rails console:


And just because it is always good to keep things together, even searching is not the worst option :wink:

If using rails is not any bigger issue:


Wow, there’s a guide about that! Awesome :sparkles:

I legit completely forgot it :sweat_smile: thanks @Jagster! :+1:


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