How to disable users from using anonymous email to register?

Hello, I would like to know how to disable users from using anonymous email to register?

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By “anonymous email”, do you mean Disposable email address?

If you do, you can add these domains to the blocked email domains setting.
You can find a list here:

As a side note, I wouldn’t bother adding the whole list to this setting… From my experience, many spammers use legitimate email providers such as gmail.


For example, if a user is registered with, an email service provider, how can I disable it?

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just like explained here

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No, I didn’t express myself clearly.

I know about the disabled user; what is needed is that he cannot use an anonymous email address to register.

Where do I place this file?

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So, if I understand correctly, your issue isn’t so much about preventing a user from using a disposable email, but rather identifying multiple accounts from a single user, right?

It’s not something you can do out-of-the-shelf, but you might be interested in looking at Discourse Fingerprint - Browser Fingerprinting Plugin, which helps to do this task.


You can manually add any email address from that list to your site’s blocked email domains setting:

Adding the full list to that setting using the Discourse UI would be a lot of work. If you really want to do it, you could enter your site’s Rails console and update the setting from there. For example:


I think the fingerprinting plugin that Canapin has linked to would be a better approach. Also, in case it helps, make sure that you are blocking the IP addresses of any users that you want to prevent from creating new accounts when you delete them:

1 Like isn’t technically an e-mail provider, that is one of many domains used by Proton AG that mail addresses can be registered with along with others like protonmail.CH,,, and any custom domain owned by an account holder with Proton AG/CERN.

Your question of how to disable or prevent users from using an anonymous email to register I don’t have a clear answer for, this is kind of a confusing question because any e-mail can be anonymous unless it is directly registered in someone’s name in a public registry (which is required for all .US domains), or they write in their name in the registration form for a discourse forum account which I believe you can set to be required in administrator settings.

If the problem is spam/fraudulent accounts, you can require new accounts must be reviewed and manually approved by staff first before they can access your forum in the setup wizard page two settings:

You can also report proton accounts that are being used for any kind of fraudulent purpose here: