How do I add category groups and category group groups on my site? Just like Epic Forums


the top part looks like the featured categories or the welcome links theme components.

you can add and manage your categories and subcategories on the category main page by clicking the admin wrench button top right (if you are admin). you will also need to look at your category settings in admin-settings to get the view you want.

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In fact, after I select the top element, the category list below will also be updated (i.e. the grouping of categories). Which plugin is this or how do I implement it?

i am not sure what you mean.

this is the featured categories theme component:

this is the welcome links component:

you can use the search feature at top right to find other info you may need


Looking at the HTML, it seems to be a custom component that filters the categories page by tag. I even wonder if it’s not made with a custom plugin :person_shrugging:

It’s a heavily modified categories page overall. I don’t think you can achieve the same result with the two components you listed since a filter such as /categories?tag=composer won’t work on Discourse by default.

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yea i just had a quick look. it’s definitely heavily modified.

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Hello, I am using the default theme, the topics are listed on the homepage, how can I do the homepage listing categories as in this picture.

The event I want will be subcategories under the main category on the main page, how do I do it like in this added picture?

To get an arrangement like that you just select this category page style in your admin settings:

And then add subcategories, otherwise the parent category will be listed twice.

I found a plugin that meets my requirements.


Hello, I want to show this option on the homepage, is there such an option?

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