Any way to create a "Featured Categories" body on the homepage?

I’m wanting to create a layout on my homepage similiar to this one from the Featured Lists theme-component, but instead of featuring topics in this body, I’m wanting to display categories. Clicking on these category listings would link to that particular category with all of it’s topics.

(The box on the left is taken from the Featured Lists theme-component topic, and the box on the right is what I’m trying to achieve. Showing categories instead of topics.)

Is something like this possible, either with a theme component or via CSS? Thanks!

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Not sure if this might be what you might be looking for.

Or this one below

There is also the modern Category. Boxes used in the Air theme. Have get github

But looks like this below

Each group of categories under a header name


You can have a look at this component: Manuel Kostka / discourse-featured-categories · GitLab. Should do exactly what you’re looking for:

It has a basic list layout set up. However, I didn’t define other layouts so far and I likely won’t until I’d need it in a project. So if you’d want to customize the layout you’d have to figure out the CSS yourself.


Thanks! I’ll check these out :+1:

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Here is the GitHub link for last one “Modern Category + Group Boxes”