How Do I Adjust Categories and Groups

Hi All, I am very much a remedial user of Discourse and need some assistance with changing our set up to reflect Discourse’s new structure I believe. We are set up with 5 categories - General Discussion, Societies, Committees, ACVR Diplomates, and ACVR Residents.

All of our groups were assigned one of those 5 categories.

I used to be able to assign new groups to one of those 5 categories. Now when I create new groups, I don’t see a way to do so. Members of the groups can’t find the group now because it doesn’t appear on the list. (new user so can’t add another image here)

Our Discourse is populated by Membership plans/types in our WP site.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide that is easily understood.

Second image couldn’t include in first post.

If I understand correctly the issue, you’d have to add the group in the security tab of each wanted category (when on a category, click on the wrench, on the upper right side of the screen I think).
For the visibility of the group, see the manage tab on the group page.

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Thanks! That got me closer.

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The parent in my mind should be the “Committee Category”.

Can I create new Parents?

If I pick General Discussion will it move the groups under that on the landing page?

Hum, I’d say you can create any new category and then place some others “inside”, so yes
but i think one tends to create new sub-categories more parents, which would require to re-arrange the whole set. Just to be clear a sub category can only have one parent

I’m not sure what you mean by that but it seems you try to have more than one nesting level, which is, although possible, not supported

Thanks. I understand what you are saying. I’m just struggling to make it work. My parent category I want to be “Committees” and then I would like all my “committee groups” to be the sub-categories. But I can’t seem to get a Parent set up. I am offered all these as options. I keep going in circles LOL!

:thinking: You seems to have done it, Committees is parent (of many it seems)

Choose “committees” as parent for each of them (hum… maybe committees doesn’t appear because of discrepancy in groups related security parameter between the categories you want to become child and the parent one)

The groups allowed to see the childs have to have access to the parent.

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RIGHT?! I’m super confused! :slight_smile:

Except I can’t get Committees to be a parent of the two most recent sub-categories/groups I have created.

When I try and add the new committee group created to the “committee” category it tells me I have to have a parent to add the new group to what I see as the “parent”/category.

And I go in circles…

you have to let these two groups to “see” the parent category which you want to be “committees”.
In the security tab of “committees” add these two groups and then for each category, pick “committees” as parent

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Golly I owe you… Where do I do that? When I go to the group and permissions, it doesn’t give me the option to add permissions.

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That’s not in the group, you manage it in the category :grinning:
when on “committees”, the category, click on the wrench, on the upper right side of the screen
In the permissions tab of any group you just have a list, kind of a reminder, of what you have done in the categories

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and then there:

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I’m back! :slight_smile: So I finally got it to add under securities but it doesn’t pop up under the Committees.

Hi again :grin: there is a confusion between category and group (which in your case have very similar name).
go to the category AI Ed Dev Committee , click on the wrench, choose committee as parent category

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