Add groups to category

We are planning to use the groups more often.
Now we have categories 2 layers deep.
Is it possible to add specified groups categories to the second layer ?


Maincatagory: Marketing
subcategory: Search engine optimization
add a (closed) group to the subcategory: Search engine optimization: SEO Expert group

Sure, it’s possible through category permissions in the Security tab

Marketing > parent category, “everyone” can Create / Reply / See
Search engine optimization > child category, “SEO expert group” can Create / Reply / See (this means that “everyone” can’t see the subcategory at all, unless you set “everyone” to See or to Reply / See


Yes, i know that, but what if want everyone to see the Search engine optimization group and have a special group under Search engine optimization ?
And that group is the SEO expert group

You mean SEO expert group I think.

It doesn’t matter, the category permissions are superior to everything, so even if a group is set to be seen by “everyone”, “everyone” can only see the public topics, not those of restricted categories.

Marketing > parent category,
Search engine optimization > child category,
Search engine optimization Experts > child, child category,

It is not possible to configure more than one level of sub-categories, our structure is parent category > child category.

ok that’s to bad.
Is it possible to solve this in an other way ?

We use tags instead of sub-sub-categories, see


Hello, discourse
I wanna add a group “level-3” to all sub-category (slug-1 slug-2 slug-3 slug-4) of category
What console can i do it?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

category_ids = [6,7,8,10]

Category.where(id: category_ids).find_each do |category|
category.set_permissions(:staff => :full)!