How do I chat someone in the community?

I’ve heard that chat is now enabled in Discourse but I can’t find how to send one. The demo I found on YouTube is not of great help either. I would highly appreciate it if someone could send me a link to a video tutorial walkthrough. Thank you.

UPDATE: I was able to check the personal message tab. Is this the same as chat? I’m quite confused rn :sweat_smile:

Personal messages and chat are not the same.

You can try chat at When you are logged in there is a speech bubble in the header, which opens the chat.


Thankyou so much @Moin

will check it out now

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Joe, Chat is an optional plugin that is packaged along with Discourse but on many instances it is switched off.

My reason for switching it off on one of my Discourse’s is so that I capture all Forum activity for SEO, but for many communities its really useful and that would not make sense (but might explain why some don’t use it)