How do I create a link which opens Create Topic?

We would like to create a link from some text in the Category Description. which opens Create Topic dialogue page (Just as the Create new Topic text link does.)

Here is the page on our site where the question is posed

Many thanks for your help on this. I have searched and I get the feeling it is a wish list, but maybe wrong

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You can do it. See this topic: Compose a new pre-filled topic via URL.


Gave it my best non coder attempt. My effort and log here. Can you give me some advice on what I should have put in?

The link looks ok   


What happens when you try to create the topic? It may show Latest screen, but the topic will be added to the applicable category

Thanks Steve

I get this

When I should be getting this (I Thought)

Replace & with & like below then it will work.,planned

Thanks. The examples that are oneboxed at Compose a new pre-filled topic via URL have the &. Updating those may help others.

It looks like some other issue is causing it. I created a bug topic for that. Thanks for your concern @scombs.


You seem to be on the right track. When I substitute my site’s domain into the template you have in that topic, it opens the composer in the correct category.

The problem is that Discourse want to automatically onebox the message link. You can stop a onebox from being created by either putting a space in front of the link, or by creating the link by clicking on composer’s link (:link:) modal.

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You can also stop a one of by putting any text after the link. The link must be on a line by itself with nothing else in front or behind it, to one box.