How do I disable email notifications?

I’m spending a lot on my email service every month. Would it be possible to stop sending emails completely (i.e. only send email verification emails whilst stopping all notification emails and summary emails) ? Coz users on my forum don’t really see it as a necessity.

P.S. I would like to suspend all email notifications and summary emails for all users (existing as well as new ones).

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Change this site setting disable emails and in addition in admin > settings > user preferences find the emails and disable them as well.

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I’ve done this. But will new users be sent a verification email when they join if I disable all emails?

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AFAIK, that only disables notifications for posts/replies and summary emails. It should have no effect on invitation emails. If you have a test email address you can send an invitation email to make sure it does indeed go through. :wink:


Alright thank you so much. Will do this!

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They will not. I think what you want to do is change max emails per day per user to 1 and disable summary emails.