How do I disable outgoing email partially?

Push notifications are either:

  • Web Push Notifications API (supported everywhere but on iOS)

  • Native Mobile Push Notifications (via DiscourseHub for CDCK customers)

Those should work no matter how long you have been away from the site.

There are also what we call “desktop notifications” that depend on a tab being open for the instance with an active message-bus connection.

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Those waiting periods will bring a very long sidekiq queue.

That’s pretty much all I use, if I’m not at the computer I don’t need to see notifications for it after the fact.

You could hide those preference page options via CSS, on top of setting the default.

That could result in later pathologies, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s a very weird use case.


I was wondering if some table will grow out of bounds due to this.

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I do love your sense of humour.

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